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Draft Horse - Re-coloured by rebelfemme Draft Horse - Re-coloured :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 3 Togepi Figurine by rebelfemme Togepi Figurine :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 5 Archie - The Inquisitive Puppy by rebelfemme Archie - The Inquisitive Puppy :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 5 6 Crochet Camera Pouch in Black by rebelfemme Crochet Camera Pouch in Black :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 1 Small Blue Crochet Bag by rebelfemme Small Blue Crochet Bag :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 9 Hallowe'en Trauma Makeup by rebelfemme Hallowe'en Trauma Makeup :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 4 22 Wave by rebelfemme Wave :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 1 7 Squirtle Figurine by rebelfemme Squirtle Figurine :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 4 Tree Wall Painting by rebelfemme Tree Wall Painting :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 2 Owl Swooping by rebelfemme Owl Swooping :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 15 12
Text Messages
To my Partner:
If there is one thing that is true,
it is the fact that I love you;
and 'cos you make me feel this way,
I wish you a lovely day!
To my Mother:
When things were tough, we saw them through,
strong together, me and you;
and so on you I can depend,
not just my mum, but my true friend.
:iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 7
Mature content
I'm So Angry :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 8
Daddy's Little Girl
Everyone I have ever met
say I look like you.
No-one's said any different yet,
so I think it must be true.
From my blue eyes
to my button knows
and, it's no surprise
apparently, even my toes.
I ask you, when you look at me,
be frank daddy, what do you see?
Because if I look like you I'll pass
on viewing my face in the looking glass.
I'm not like you, on that be sure.
I've got something you've never had.
I have all your traits and more,
thought I'm not half as bad
as you. You cannot be sincere.
Nor do I bow down to my fear
of losing everything I've got.
Admittadly, its quite a lot.
Also, I can tell the truth,
I'm not a habitual liar.
To know I'm loved, I don't need proof,
and I have my inner fire.
I have strength, which you lack.
Plus I'm not afraid to attack
life with everything that I am.
I must have got that from my Mam.
I certainly didn't get it from you,
nor my ability to love.
I solve problems, I get through
then swiftly, I rise above.
What I did inherit, don't forget,
is a slynes
:iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 11
Mature content
Plain and Simple :iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 1
Hopes flew like swans
graceful, beautiful, inspiring.
Now it seems painfully obvious
they have migrated.
Who knew?
Who could have foreseen
that which was
crystal clear?
Spent time, irretrievable,
digital numbers ticking.
My clockwork heart
wound up so tight.
Sworn promises, solid
oath and word,
fall apart like
wet tissue paper.
Many excuses given,
some true
some not
is what I await.
Logic dictating caution,
flight to dull the pain.
Simply understanding
complicated feelings
Persona so rigid,
rivals the reed
caught up in
heavy storms.
Emotions, freshly made;
a new toy
for old games
and old habits.
Buy them now!
Get them here!
You won't regret it!
Limited time only!
Limit has passed.
A drunk driver
I don't care much
if you crash and burn.
Previous past
so critical, how
could you?
I've had enough.
A contradiction
in agreement
with a facet
of itself.
Go your way
leave me to mine.
I have to say
I'm disappointed in you.
:iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 1 2
Let Me Help
"Though life is hard for you
I'll help you to see it through.
And though things have gone to hell
I'm the one that you can tell.
Confusion will let depression feed,
which is exactly what you don't need.
So let me put your mind at ease,
and tell me everything, please?"
:iconrebelfemme:rebelfemme 0 2


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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Wirral
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Wolverine
Personal Quote: Treat others as you would be treated yourself
  • Listening to: Game of Thrones, audiobook
  • Reading: Stephen King, anything by King.
  • Watching: Insidious
  • Playing: Terraria, World of Warcraft
  • Eating: Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken
  • Drinking: FANTA! More fanta for the fanta throne....
'Ello people. Its been a while since the last publication.. and I didn't follow up with it last time. Typical arty-farty behaviour. However! I have managed to get over my worry about my art, and I've taken up a pencil again. (You can thank the person later described in here.) I'm writing a lot lately, both in the Rp version of World of Warcraft (Horde side, Earthen Ring.. Lothario that's me!) and in a book I'm steadily working on (70 k words! Bloody hell, eh?).

I may publish some of these things in dA, as I still think that doing Rp is a creative thing, and it takes a lot of effort in order to be able to create an environment that people can expand their imagination. And hey, if you don't agree, roll it up as tight as it goes, bend over, and shove it up your arse. Don't knock it 'till you're tried it.

I think I may publish parts of the story, as well, but its a raunchy, rather dirty one, in some places, so it'll be for only sixteens and over (officially anyways... I don't care, I read a lot of stuff when I was younger, and it gave me inspiration.) We'll see. Anyhow, today I'm sick as a dog, didn't go to uni, too god-damned tired to attend, so I spent a day chillaxing at home. I'm kinda tired now, just waiting for the sleeping pills to kick in, then I can head to bed and enjoy some sleep.

Although I'm watching a horror movie (Insidious) which is very heavy on the sharps and flats on violins, and quite prone to doing the "quiet, tense music then BAM BIG EXPLOSION OF LOUD NOISE!!!!" thing to make you jump. Its alright. I have the volume control. *snicker* If I have nightmares tonight it'd be my own bloody fault, but you know something? A little secret? Come closer, darlings.... So I can whisper... *Quietly* It wouldn't be worse than what I have to put up with already.. a nice diversion, in fact.

Some of the monsters and demons and big baddies in there are interesting looking, though, so you may find something turning up in pencil form.

Right! Time to read the toll of interesting people I know. If you're a friend reading this, this is the part when you look away, 'lest you really hear what I think about you. Alright, today, we cover Olly, aka Sevenfold. Now, I've known Seven (or Reb) for only a little while, but we seem to be getting on just fine. Although they play a female character, he's a guy, and a pretty cool one. When I named the films I liked, they pretty much tallied with his, as well as music taste, and ability to RP. Doubtless he'd say that isn't the case. He has a terminal case of "I have no confidence". Thankfully, just because its a serious dose doesn't mean that its incurable. I'm workin' on it. Reb has a page on here, called thenegative, I advise you to go take a looksee, the stuff's good. I can safely tell you, however, that the BEST stuff he has? Is on his computer.

Ayup, that's right, I got to take a little look inside his files... mwahahaha.... :evillaugh: Because I iz just so l33t hakz. And in case you don't speak idiot nerd, that means I'm an awesome hacker. Or am I really...? Am I lying? Who knows! :faint:

Only Sevenfold knows. Who, by the way, has a pet named Avenged. Avenged Sevenfold. Fucking. Genius, I tell you.

So yeah, as I was saying, nice guy, he taught me how to make sure that eyes are properly positioned when drawing a face, as they always ended up being too far apart for me. That's sorted, now, apparently by positioning the nose and mouth, if you divide one of the lines again, you get the exact centre of the eyes. He even (quite sweet I thought) did a walk through with me, a step by step tutorial with him sharing his screen through Skype, and using a tablet and Adobe.  Sorted out the problem, and I've been practising. I hope to get my scanner up soon and start uploading some of my stuff.

I'm a little annoyed with one of my cats, I did a nice picture of a woman with an hourglass figure in a ballroom dress (nothing too fancy, just outlines) but when I picked it up today to take a picture with my camera, I found that one of the cats had decided to stand all over it.. .and possibly wiped their arses on it for good measure, who knows, huh?

So anyways, that's to do...... more on Seven as I find out.. but nothing personal. I draw the line at that.

To Do List:

Important stuff!
:bulletred: Call the Student Finance people, and get my tax redemption proof sorted
:bulletred: Get my uni computer account sorted
:bulletred: Catch up with the lecture I missed
:bulletred: Make sure I'm registered with the university
:bulletred: Take lots of vitamins

Wow Stuff!
:bulletgreen: Attend the meeting tomorrow night, for the Citadel assault
:bulletgreen: Check on the progress of the new members
:bulletgreen: Initiate the new Ic ranks
:bulletgreen: Check the recruitments
:bulletgreen: Get in touch with Lokhir and see if we can run the bar in Orgrimmar.
:bulletgreen: Check up with Leion, see what I can do there.
:bulletgreen: Speak to Gran, see how he is.

Art stuff!
:bulletblue: Ten'jan's portrait
:bulletblue: Redux of the Gown Woman Front
:bulletblue: Redux of Gown Woman Back
:bulletblue: Asgurian's port
:bulletblue: Look up everyone else who wanted a port...
:bulletblue: Practice facial drawings briefly and eye placement
:bulletblue: Take pictures of the Drinking Glass
:bulletblue: Take pictures of Shot Glass

That's it for now, its to keep track for myself, I guess, since no-one reads these anymore! But hey. Everyone needs a place to rant.

Peace, people. Learn to open your minds and express yourselves... you never know what gems'll come out... but watch for the bullshit too.


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Gothicah Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
I hope you are still around old friend. Reply me back if you are, miss you.
Felideus Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks for watching and your comments :)
rebelfemme Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010
Welcome. What's the llama badge for? Thanks for it but I no idea what to do with it :P
(Been away for a while)
Felideus Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Professional General Artist
ha ha... I have no idea what is the real meaning of the llama, but I like to give one to my watchers, they are cute and free ;)
MotorisedInsect Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009   Photographer
oh i'm thinking of you. If you need any cheering up or a chat, just throw a line.
rebelfemme Featured By Owner May 10, 2009
Thank you. I don't have all that much time to chat lately but the though is appreaciated.
MummyMetaller Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008  Professional General Artist
Hey you; haven't heard from you in ages now.
Hope all is well

hellsingfanatic Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2008
Hey, i just read your work on lesbianism. I loved it and cried because it is so true but we fight anyway. I am myself a lesbian. But still it hurts all the same. When ever you read this, thank you.
rebelfemme Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2008
That is very kind of you thanks very much :) Feel free to pass it on to people you know as an example of the strength of spirit lesbians/bisexuals/gays have.

Because it applies to all.
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